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How to receive transfers?

Download here the instructions for receiving wire transfers in USD.

Instructions USD

How to send transfers?

You may choose one of the following 3 options to send transfers from our Online Banking service.

Option 1: Download the Transfers Guide that we sent you via email containing also your username and passcode. Follow the instructions.

Option 2: Send an email to services@bsji.com and a bank representative will contact you and help you send the transfer.

Option 3: Download the Transfer Request form here, fill, sign and scan; and send to services@bsji.com.

Transfer Request Form Transfer Request Form to BSJI clients

Online Banking Guide

Download the Online Banking Guide


Transfers Guide

Download here the instructions on how to make fund transfers to internal beneficiaries, domestic within the United States as well as international.

Transfers between your accountsTransfers to third partiesExternal transfers